Now You See Me

Synopsis: Four extremely talented street artists are recruited to pull of the biggest illusion of all time. Evading the FBI constantly, how do they manage to pull of such a heist? And is there something larger than themselves lurking in the shadows?

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher.

The movie is, at it’s core, about the ethics of playing on the innocence of the masses. Four cunning illusionists, called the Four Horsemen, put on a series of extravagant performances that leads up to one magnificent global performance. The visuals of the movies was absolutely brilliant, with amazing light shows and unique gimmicks. What was really good about the movie was that it constantly keeps you guessing and answers all the burning questions you have inside your head. The story line has fluidity and consistency which is always a good sign.

It scares me to think that the entire stadium and the French guy was hypnotised into believing that he actually went to Paris. That kind of knowledge and power on controlling the human mind-believing you’ve been somewhere you haven’t; blurting out your deepest secrets uncontrollably- would be devastating in the wrong hands.

Essentially, we see mass manipulation like this everyday, especially with businesses, promising more than they can actually provide for. The beauty industry would be at the centre of this, in my opinion. Maybe this movie is an indirect shout out to that?

There were some bits i would’ve liked them to expanded on such as The Eye of Horus and what does this secret order intend in this world? Or they could’ve possibly gone through a quick recount of how Mark Ruffalo’s character, Dylan Rhodes, plays the FBI a fool, just like they did with Jack Wilder faking his death. Also, with that teleporter contraption, when it pressed together to teleport the person, how did they end up in the air ducts?

Overall, a fantastic film to keep that brain of yours sharp. The acting is excellent, especially by Mark Ruffalo and you may have to watch it a second time to fully understand what’s going on. Or maybe because you want to fully appreciate the unpredictable plot twist at the end of the movie- left me hanging off my seat! Maybe though, their possibly-2nd film could be a bit more fulfilling?The Four Horsemen stand to shock the world

Verdict: 7 of 10 kicks


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