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Dallas Buyers Club

Do you agree with the healthcare laws?

Synopsis: 1985, Texas, Ron Woodroof, a man diagnosed HIV-positive, bends the law in order to help him and people suffering from the virus to survive. Based on a true story.

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto, Denis O’hare.

dallas buyers club DBC

When Woodroof realises that ATZ, the drug that supposedly helps with the symptoms of Aids, actually decreases the number of white blood cells (those that fight infections), he comes across a doctor whose license to practice has been revoked. Except, this doctor, instead of trying to eradicate the virus itself, he works on building the body against disease. As Ron says, “Who are we kidding? Once you get the disease you are married to it”. How terrible should it be that you have to learn from your mistakes (mistake being not aware of the consequences of his actions leading to HIV)  by living with it forever…nobody can find hope unless there is a second chance. But somehow, he finds, not a second a chance, but a way of surviving with the mistake. Now, I’m not saying that making a petty everyday-mistake is the same as acquiring HIV- never make that degradation. What I’m saying is, if a person that is terminally ill can learn to live with it, especially if they didn’t even make the mistake and were born with it, those of us who are fortunate to have good health should be able to recover rapidly after any fault.

So many people suffer from all sorts of diseases. Shouldn’t it be allowed for a dead-man-walking to choose their own medicine? The law doesn’t allow for drugs that have not been FDA-approved to be sold commercially. Should the FDA be the sole authority that determines whether a drug be retailed? Ofcourse, I’m not going to sit here and trash the drug companies because, honestly, without them, we wouldn’t be here to trash them. We need the medicine and they are able to provide it and that’s how it is. There is not a drug that doesn’t make money. However, It scares me to think that drug companies may be selling medicines that temporarily- or don’t- work to keep customers coming back for more. And charging high prices for them as well? That is poor morality. They are playing with people’s lives and that is what Dallas Buyers Club exposes.

Here is a video that will help shed some light on the Healthcare system and drug companies:

Ron Woodrof, along with his transgender partner, Rayon, sells drugs that actually do help dallas buyers club DBCpeople live longer, but they aren’t FDA approved. They spend a long portion of their life fighting to live by evading the law, travelling to get the medicine, while barely being able to live the life they are fighting for. Rayon died fighting.  It really gives insight to the audience how we should live life in the moment. Now, I know what probably comes into your mind: Yolo. But most people use this as an excuse to do terrible things; drugs, take ridiculous risks and be selfish. But to the people who actually know the meaning of “you only live once”, would know that those things certainly don’t cut the to-do list. Woodroof used to indulge in extreme debauchery before hand and was homophobic. As the movie goes on, you can see him coming to accept- and implement- things he didn’t believe in before; he comes to gain respect for those that are different in our society (race, gender, etc.) and grows to be wary of drugs. What he realises is, the latter will definitely kill but your life is not going to end just because you shake a homosexual’s hand.

He observes the world in a different manner, symbolised by the increasing use of glasses which helps him see existence with absolute clarity.There is actually a pattern in the movie with representation: the butterflies in the movie depict the fleetingness of life (butterflies live for only about a month which is coincidentally- or not- the amount of time Ron was supposedly to live). A sad moment in the film when he looks at a clown that is crying; more commonly used in conversation as “tears of a clown”. This paints a picture of how Woodroof puts up a brave front and suppresses the feelings of his own tragic circumstances.

The acting was what really made it into an Oscar-nominee. Steller performances from dallas buyers dbc jared letoboth Matthew and Jared. Matthew shed 50 pounds for the role. But more impressively, Jared Leto shed 40 pounds, waxed his entire body including eyebrows, altered the pitch of his voice and spoke with a dialect. Nothing screams dedicated more than that. In my opinion, these two actors or Wolf of Wall street’s Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill are the most likely to get their nominated awards.

Generally and intricately  (apart from some of the hilariously out-of-time objects, which you can check out here) an empowering and borderline overwhelming film. It does tug on those heart-strings of yours- how could it not?- but living for 7 years after they said you wouldn’t has got to be inspiring in the midst of the tragedy. It is great to glimpse the few of us who are brave enough to stand against the government for what’s right. I hope we can soon take the moral of this movie to heart and make the world a better place for the people of the planet.

Verdict: 8.5 of 10

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