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TV: SherlockLives- How??

BBC Sherlock– Season 2 Episode 3- Reichenbach Fall

It’s nearing that time every 2 years where Sherlock returns to our screens for new deductions, new laughs and new tears. How about one more over-analysis of how our favourite detective survived the heart-wrenching fall that surely should have been his death?…and how does he get away with being dead?Sherlock returns


1) Clearly stalling Moriarty by talking until the buses were gone, his truck had parked next to the curb and the “homeless network” had crowded round as Sherlock is seen consistently checking the pavement- would he have had time to contact them? Of course. He said the homeless network are less fussy with bribes. What if he used them to get other info?

2) We see him fall onto pavement- (kind of reverberated like a spring- odd) However he is stationed near a laundry/garbage truck- Mycroft’s people? But Sherlock said he doesn’t have time to ask for help from Mycroft.

3) The bicycle hit John but John seemed like he was dizzy throughout the rest of scene-like he was hallucinating-(constant references to mind games, ideas stemming from own mind-The Hounds Of Baskerville episode comes into play? Narcotics involved?)

4) Molly fakes DNA analysis- A Scandal In Belgravia episode: we are shown that it is possible to fake even the dead body as Irene Adler lies upon cold stone…and is free to walk.

5) The ambulance was there mighty fast- again homeless network + Molly possibly?- whisked Sherlock before actual authorities could get there.

6) Dummy present in the beginning of Reichenbach Fall hanging with a rope- is it the dummy or rope that is significant in how he faked it? Or even both?

7) Piece of string visible from John’s hit-man’s window- possibly red herring because of the different angle of fall.

8) Sherlock’s specific mention of “repel” to the reporter- uncharacteristically subjective rather than pure objectiveness- again bungee rope? A magnetic field? The significance of the reverberation as he hits the pavement?

9) There was a crowd blocking Johns/audiences view for a split second as Sherlock laid “dead”.

10) John was not allowed to take pulse as the crowd around him (who were probably the homeless network) stopped him- stranger because he was the only doctor present.

11) Reference to suicide note in The Study In Pink – “That’s what they do, don’t they? Leave a note?” (Sherlock says how everything is a fake; a lie- possibly trying to hint his fall to death a lie, too, to John?)

12) Sherlock chose a really high spot on purpose.

13) John was only witness that wasn’t probably “part” of it- why? Why did he not include John in plan if he was meant to be the only real witness?

14) He knew he had to die- which meant the key code meant nothing even to change Rich Brooks back to Moriarty cause there would be no “later”.

15) Moriarty says our final problem- staying alive. Maybe that’s how Sherlock guessed that Moriarty was going to kill himself. Or that he mentioned our great fall. Meaning Moriarty’s death, too- the fairytale Hansel and Gretel is played out in the episode (Sherlock says he doesn’t like riddles)- to complete the story the villain has to die?

16) Rhythm key code is Bach- The story of Bach dying yet running off to complete the melody because he couldn’t bear an unfinished melody- resembling Sherlock and Moriarty’s fate? Moriarty has to continue “playing” Sherlock till both their deaths.

17) Sherlock “not on the side of angels”- doesn’t have wings? Rope theory? Or he does have wings?

18) Sherlock in The Great Game ” The art of disguise is knowing how to hide in plain sight”- Continues to be “dead” by “hiding in plain sight” as possibly part of the homeless network?



1) Bungee jump rope attached to roof somewhere- the rope would slow his descent so no significant injuries sustained on impact- applied blood after when view blocked- But no matter what, he must have been able to foresee Moriarty killing himself to not risk Moriarty looking over the ledge as Sherlock jumps.

2) When jumping from great heights you can reach maximum velocity where your muscles relax- survival like a cat (flaws: muscles need to be relaxed drugged- did not seem relaxed- also need to count on not falling on his neck or back- significance of Sherlock wearing his scarf as he fell?)

3) A dummy replaces him soon after Sherlock hits the pavement from the truck parked right next to the curb

4) John was drugged to see what he wanted to see (flaw: would he have time to come up with drug? Isn’t the drug specific to the Hounds Of Baskerville? Or maybe not…?)

Tomorrow we can satisfy our fluttering hearts from over-analysis and breathe an air of relief- or can we?

From the great detective himself ” Once you rule out the impossible- whatever remains, however improbable- must be true”.